• Spot Metal Strapping Machine

    • The strap tightened can prevent the bag from being opened by the person who is not authorized.
    • The crimping seal is suitable for sealing light or heavy products.
    • Portable and easy to use, saving your time and labor force.
    • It is suitable for food packing, as well as daily necessities packaging.
    • Tighten MetalStrap and Seal with width 15 ~ 16mm.
    •  Crimp metal seal of 1.0~1.5mm thick.
    •  Portable, clean and environmental friendly
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  • Steel Strapping Tensioner

    • This quick-release band installs in seconds
    • Slides with the thumb
    • Easy to install and remove in seconds
    • Quicker buckle travel for fast adjustments
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  • Complete Strapping Machine

    • Powerful, reasonably priced to suit your needs and budget
    • Reliable, durable and long-lasting for a continuous and uninterrupted work
    • Highly economical in use, saving on production cost with high energy efficiency
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  • Heavy Duty PVC/Cord Strap Dispenser

    • This Strapping Dispenser is an accessory tool that keeps strapping from unwilling unwinding and works as a portable workstation.
    • This dispenser perfectly fits polyester strapping coils with 16-inch x 3-inch and 16-inch x 6-inch core sizes.
    • It has 8-inch rubber wheels with a steel center, a front wingnut for easy coil loading, and a spacious tray convenient for holding seals or tools.
    • It has an upgraded brake system to fit PET Strapping perfectly.
    • This banding cart facilitates the strap coils’ transportation and lets the coil unwind as much as needed.
    • The advanced roller brake system prevents excessive unwinding and provides a consistent free strapping flow.
    • The tool simplifies the packaging process and saves labor time.
    • Heavy-duty wheels and strong handles provide durability and portability.
    • All parts are made from high-quality materials.
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  • Metal Strap Dispenser

    • We’re proud to offer you the best quality PET strap dispenser for either strapping composite straps or any other material.
    • With our dispensers, you’ll get an easy, reliable, and hands-free operation that reduces the risk of injuries and accidents.
    • We’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now, and we pride ourselves on being one of the best distributors of Metal strap dispensers in the world.
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  • Drum Cap

    • Our cap seals are made from rust-resistant Tin plate prime sheets, have a double white coat, inner side polish lacquer with vinyl gasket, and optimal scoring for smooth tear off.
      Made from tinplate & tin-free steel of 0.3 mm thickness for the optimum sealing result.
    • The top surface is white or colored.
    • The inner surface is lacquered to avoid corrosion.
    • The inner edge has a vinyl gasket for better contact with the flange.
    • Ears and scored lines ensure that the cap seal has to be destroyed before removal.
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  • Drum Sealer

    • The Drum Sealer has a complete steel body, 18 zinc-plated and hardened steel jaws, ergonomic aluminum knobs on handles for better grip, heavy-duty, and a rugged design.
    • The drum cap sealing machine is designed to seal drum caps with ease.
    • Ideal for both high-pressure and low-pressure applications, it’s ideal for use on steel drums and plastic drums & barrels.
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  • Sealing Machine

    • Sealing Machine Work on Polyethylene, Polypropylene & Polyolefin Compounds plastic film.
    • Can be easily used to package a variety of candy, food, general merchandise, stationery, pharmaceuticals, etc.
    • Sealer Machine Hand Sealer for all plastic films, laminated films Aluminium film sealing Areas.
    • Heat Sealing Machine Perfect for households, warehouses, and supermarkets to pack candy, stationery, drugs, etc.
    • Plastic Bag Sealing Machine An adjustable timer with 8 options, meets various packaging needs.
    • Packing Machine The PCS Series plastic film sealer is the perfect sealer for PE and PP bags(including cellophane, bubble wraps, shrink wraps and thick heavy-duty bags, and so on), to package various kinds of candy, foodstuff, general merchandise, stationery, medicine, local specially, electric elements.
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  • Impulse Sealer Machine

    • An impulse sealer is a powered tool used to seal different types of plastic packaging—most often poly bags containing groups of parts or components.
    • It uses an impulse of electricity to heat up a metal wire that melts one layer of plastic to the other.
    • One of the advantages of using impulse sealers over heat sealers is that there’s no warm-up time needed—and no need for a cool-down time, either.
    • As a result, they’re a bit safer to use (though, of course, anyone who uses one needs to be properly trained on how to use it).
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